Sheds: Expectations vs. Reality


So you’re going to get a shed. We have these visions about our shed. Sheds range from the humble but flimsy garden shed up to the ultimate Man Cave. Most men want big, plenty of room, somewhere to park all our toys. We need to protect our purchases, somewhere to maintain and look after those toys.

While on the other hand, our significant other wants smaller, not too big in the yard, cant block out the neighbor’s views. It has got to look good, be color-matched to the house. Be far enough away so as to not hear all that noise.

It’s a real struggle to find a balance, size of shed vs. yard space left. Other considerations are the building and development approvals required. Can you actually build that big shed, you have dreamed of often.

Well, an experienced shed builder can help. They will be well versed in the council rules and processes. Experience counts, so find someone with years of experience and knowledge. A true builder can help this process, offer advice, point you in the right direction. Even complete your project for you in a timely manner, if you’re not confident to do it your self.

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