Granny Flats & Backyard Cabins.

Quality Granny Flats now available in Tasmania!

Shedbarn are proud to be the Builders and distributors for the YZY kit homes. These solid Nordic Spruce Granny flats and Backyard Cabins are a sight to behold and have a 6+ star energy rating. These Scandinavian design buildings are made in Europe for the cold climate with our Australian input to comply with our standards and regulations. With double glazed windows and doors as standard making these very comfortable for those colder periods.

Are you looking for a new home?

You’ve been dreaming of your perfect property, but it just doesn’t exist. It can be hard to find the right place that meets all your needs and is in the right location. But we have an answer for you! We offer quality backyard cabins and granny flats that are used as secondary dwellings or extra rooms to accommodate guests, rent out as a B&B, for Art/Painting Studio, She shed, holiday property accommodation, Mans cave, Pool house or Music studio.

These buildings are available in many different sizes and styles so there’s something for everyone. Whether you want a small cabin with one bedroom or a large building with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms – we have what you need! And if this isn’t enough space then don’t worry because our buildings also come equipped with storage space too! So whether you’re looking for somewhere cozy to live on your own or somewhere big enough to share with family members – we’ve got it all covered here with Granny Flats designs.

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DIY or Pro build??

With our cabin kits you don’t need any building experience at all – just follow the instructions and enjoy your new space in just days! It will take from 1 to 5 days to complete your dream backyard cabin or granny flat. This means lower building costs (reduced labor time) and no mess on your property. Or we can build it for you to lockup or turnkey.

It’s also great if you’re looking for something temporary while waiting on renovations or repairs on your home. In Tasmania these Granny Flats and cabins require no normal building approvals if kept under 20m2 living area. These are affordable granny flats and cabins, making them a great choice for any one seeking to build.

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Granny Flat - Madeira 2B
Madeira 2B
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