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The benefits of using ShedBarn as your professional Barn Builders

Over the years we’ve become the preferred supplier of sheds and barns for many farmers in Queensland. We design each barn specifically for your property. We prefabricate off-site and deliver it in kit form, from where we assemble and install, which allows us to offer a fast and effective service.

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We have over 30 years of industry experience, with over 5 000 sheds built between us over the years. We know what we’re doing, and we won’t waste your time or ours. Our seamless process enables us to deliver an effective service to you and ensures a hassle-free customer experience.

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We pride ourselves on being problem-solvers for our customers. Our professional design team will work closely with you to ensure that they come up with a custom design for your building that fulfils all your needs and addresses any problems you may have. We are practical and effective.

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Our build quality is unmatched in the industry. Our buildings are designed for Australian conditions and can withstand nearly any wind speed. You will never need another barn again unless this one becomes too small, that is.

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When it comes to barns, not just any old building will do. We know that farmers have particular needs, and every square inch of the building needs to be practical and built to effectively fulfil the needs of the farmer.

Buying a Barn from us

What you can expect

Do you need a barn but have not the faintest idea where to begin planning the layout and design? We’ve been doing this for years. Our professional team will work with you to assess your exact needs and conceptualise a practical barn fit for all your requirements.

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We offer excellent customer service that takes direction from your vision of what your building should be. We take every detail into account to tailor the ideal solution for you. Experience real practical innovation from our highly experienced and professional team.

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We stand by our quality. All our buildings are covered by the unique ShedSpan 99-year Lifetime Warranty. We build buildings that last a lifetime. It’s that simple.

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We guarantee council approval. We are fully aware of all local council regulations, building codes and standards, and we will design your barn to be fully compliant. If for some reason your local council does not approve your barn, we will refund you, no questions asked.

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About Us


At ShedBarn, we adhere to the strictest moral principles and professional standards. We believe in fulfilling our duties responsibly and to the best of our abilities, and delivering on our promises, no matter what.

We are passionate about turning your vision for the perfect barn into a reality. Whatever you need, our professional designers will work with you to find the ideal practical solution for all your needs.


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